American Truck Simulator / ATS Studio – When?

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American Truck Simulator : ATS Studio – When?

You may know about ETS2 Studio – a program that helps you build mods easily. Marin Malnar, author of ETS2 Studio, stated that some day, he will bring us ATS Studio too.

ETS2 Studio is very useful, just make you skin in Photoshop and then compile the mod in just a few clicks. So it’s obvious we really hope that Marin has the time and energy to make ti happen.

So, if you think the same go ahead and send Marin a message that you too want ATS Studio to make ATS mods.

We hope that ATS Studio is just as good as ETS2 Studio, this software saves a lot of time when making skin mods, trailers and more.

Also, a 3D preview is in the works already as is a nice tool for modders, which I’ll keep a secret for now.
So, yes, there’s a future for ETS2 Studio, and one day, ATS studio.

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