Coast to Coast Map v 1.4

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New Version 1.4 is released. Comments and suggestions welcome.
Tested Game Version

Mantrid, Narzew

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  1. bnsf_50 says:

    Hello Madrid

    I’m enjoying your caost to coast map but there is one problem I’ve found. Just out of Barstow, after you turn onto the I-40 there is something in the road that the truck is running into. Sometimes it will jump over it but then sometimes it will stop the truck in its tracks. Its in the slow lane just a short distance from the ramp about half way between the ramp and the first kink in the road.
    There is also a shop that cannot be reached in one of the cities because of a blockage in the road but I don’t remember which city it is. I’ll let you know if I find it again. I do remember that the shop is right at the end of the road where you can’t go any further but the block was about 50 yards prior to the end or shop turn in point.

  2. bnsf_50 says:

    Hello again

    Another blockage at the second intersection right turn in Amarillo. Appears to be a low overhead board or something.

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