The ATS Release of Going East!

BY ยท

The ATS Release of Going East!-4
The ATS Release of Going East!-1The ATS Release of Going East!-2The ATS Release of Going East!-3The ATS Release of Going East!-4The ATS Release of Going East!-5

The Release of Going East! add-on for ETS2 was a definite success, we are absolutely happy that our loyal fan base is supporting us in growing the game. Rest assured that we will keep on pushing! More on our ETS2 expansion plans coming to this blog soon.

Meanwhile, work on the first stage of American Truck Simulator project is moving full steam ahead, and the focus of our blog during upcoming months is going to switch to showing you more of this game.

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2 Responses

  1. Donnie R Yenglin says:

    Please let me know when the game is for sale so I can buy the Pc version. Thanks can’t wait to play the game!

  2. Klave R says:

    I like trucks.

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