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If u, just like me tired of fancy and shiny trucks that have just came out of manufacturer factory – meet the real American workhorse: Rusty Peterbilt 579. I’ve added some rusty spots and leaks, a few logos and inscriptions. I tried to make it look like it has been on active duty for a while now. I guess it’ll work on all bodies, but i’ve only tested on Standart Pete cabin.

Known bugs: I cant make rust actually look like rust because i dont know how alpha layer works in this game. Theoretically it should reduce glossness so the rusty spots would look mate, but it just doesent work here. If anyone knows how to make it pls leave a comment down below.

Hope u’ll enjoy the mode.

PS: Actually i made it for myself, but decided that there r should be a few ppl just like me who tired of shiny, good looking trucks.

SCS, yanot

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