Great Dane Spread Axle

BY ยท

Great dane spread axle

Version 1.3

-included 11 skins:
* bar-s foods
* bison transport
* butler (skin by paul stokes)
* blue bunny
* western
* henderson
* john christner
* merchants
* knight refrigerated
* skelton
* wel
-lightmask working
-all skins appears in traffic and quick jobs.

To install
1. Extract this downloaded file;
2. Put the scs file on ats mod folder;
3. Activate mod on your mod mananger
4. And drive

The authors 18 wos: ivan,chris,bayonet,rowan,kris,wendi,buckshot,slamauser,dm4472
Conversion for ats game trailer: b4rt
Leds pack by b4rt

Pleace helpe-me no reupload file, respect the original link pleace for new mods

Ivan, Chris, Bayonet, Rowan, Kris, Wendi, Buckshot, Slamauser, DM4472 and B4RT

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