DCS Increased Cargo Weights v0.2

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When driving do you feel like you’re driving a car? Finding it a little too easy to get up to speed and braking. Then install the Increased Cargo Weights Mod…..no more watching your speed, as you’ll struggle to get up that high. You’ll need to watch your braking distances, plan your turns well in advance, and the motorbrake will be your best friend.

This makes it actually feel like your pulling tons of weight behind you, but it’s only for seasoned drivers as you will need full command of your vehicle to make this work, and you’ll need to select your loads carefully based upon what engine and gearbox combinations you have in your truck. The basic trucks can pull the heaviest loads, but you’ll be cruising around the San Fran hills in first.

Watch your fuel too, as a heavier gas pedal means more fuel, so if you are still sporting a 100 litre tank, you’ll need to fill up on every single trip!



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