US 50 & CA 99 V1.6.2 (WITH PROJECT WEST 1.3.2) MOD ATS

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V1.6.2 = – Add the rescale (1.20) of Chico & Yuba City
– Add two rest areas on the US 50

I have rework and edit the US 50 & CA 99 map mod by seal0027 so it is now working with the new 1.6 patch (1.20 scale) and the Project West 1.3.2 map mod too!
The original map mod by seal0027.

You will NEED to have Project West 1.3.2 if you want to play on this map mod!

Place the US 50 & CA 99 map mod above the Project West 1.3.2 in the mod priority to make it working.

Project West 1.3.2:
Compatible with C2C and Project West!

P16, seal0027, stoked_dude

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