BY ยท

* Added real logos
* Tachometer now correctly shows the idle and maximum engine speed, and the engine can spin up to 7 thousand. / Min (written not only in animation, but also in motor parameters)
* Fixed crash bug causes
* Engine parameters are configured correctly, and running PPC
* The wheels replace the standard car tire and a truck drive (not separately prescribe wheel turns, the game begins to take off the wheel or not loaded)
* The default is an exclusive interior, a standard salon cut (European interior does not look in America)
* Physics fashion affects only the air resistance, the main events of the truck physics no longer affect
* Fixed a random appearance of discs, nuts and hubs from a truck
* Stock painting replaced the free palette (body after painting game crashes)
* Adjusted view from the cockpit and landing adjustment
* Engine sound in the cabin is now quieter sounds gorazdno than outside
* Removed car upgrade (for some reason, after the upgrade tightly flies sounds, the game restart does not help the situation corrects only buy a new car in the cabin)

Truckers-MP, ATSturbo

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