Inside SCS Software – ATS game. Part 3

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Inside SCS Software – ATS game. Part 3

Inside SCS Software – American Truck Simulator game. Part 3

Do you want to have a deep look into the development of American Truck Simulator? You can do it be watching the third part of DaSquirrelNuts report from the visit in our office.

Taking a look behind the scenes at the company (SCS Software) famous for Euro Truck Simulator 2. In this four-part video series you will see exclusive footage and interviews with the development team who build the game assets, the trucks, coaches and maps. You will see footage of the unreleased Scandanavian Map, Mercedes-Benz truck and American Truck Simulator. Finally, I have an in-depth interview with Pavel Sebor, the CEO of the company and ask him about the future of their trucking games.



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